How Hometown Businesses Grow World Wide Corps

Inasmuch as businesses are owned and managed independently, no business can survive without the other. Whether small or big, local or multinational, all businesses work with other businesses to achieve their goals. It may be directly or indirectly, but at the end of the day, the goal is to satisfy the customer and make profit. Just the same way a small company needs a large company; a big company needs a small one. The relationship is symbiotic that none can claim to be able to survive on its own. Below are a few ways in which hometown companies help multinationals to grow.


Sales and marketing
Small companies have better touch with people on the ground and they interact with them at a local level. They understand the needs of the people and how seasons affect decision making of certain people. They know how to package products and services in a way that locals will identify with. Smaller marketing companies operate as dealers in products they do not even own.


Electronic companies use shop owners as their contact points for sales, services and repairs. This helps the customers get faster services that would have taken a long time dealing with the big company. When this happens, both companies benefit hugely.  Word spreads out of the good services offered.


Companies are moving into online marketing in a way that has never been experienced; things like video blogging, content marketing, websites and social media marketing have taken the world of business by storm. But multinational companies do not employ people to do these things. Instead, they hire bloggers, videographers, advertisement companies and content managers for a specific period and a specific task. These outsourced services are mostly run by small hometown companies, who in most cases do not appear in the content.

Transportation and itinerary
Multinational companies have means through which they move their goods and staff around the world: some own planes, ships and trucks that have been tasked to do the job. But there are parts of the world that it will be easier to hire trucks and cabs to fulfill this goal. Multinational companies do this to cut cost of production and get maximum profits. Most of these services are provided by smaller hometown companies.

It is hard to imagine Microsoft owning a taxi company in an Asian country just to make sure their staff is transported around certain towns. Even if they could afford it, it would be an unnecessary expense, especially if it is a short term company.

Event organization
Multinational companies such as Hewlett Packard may be good at making computers, but they are not good at organizing events; this is just not their niche. They need small event organizing companies that have specialized in these areas to ensure these goals are met.

The small companies will make sure that venues are booked, food is availed, entertainment is provided and the goal is achieved at the end of the day. Fundamentally, large companies need small hometown companies just as small hometown companies need large companies.