Running Your Small Business Like A Large Company

Over the years, we have seen businesses grow from startups to multi-billion dollar entities. The likes of Facebook, Google and Microsoft all started from small scale, and have grown to become world shakers. They have set the pace in many ways for other companies, but the big question still stands. How can a small business run like a big business? The size of a business does not matter as a small business can run just like a big business. Below are a number of tips on how to achieve this if you are a business man.


Set ways of monitoring progress
The mentality with most small businesses is that as long as the business keeps going that can be considered as progress. What most small business owners miss is just how important monitoring the progress of a business is. Things such as marketing, sales, revenue, technology and human resources need to be monitored to encourage effectiveness. By monitoring my business, I realized just how deficient certain areas were, and this helped me correct such issues which led to the growth of my business to what it is today. I was able to replace what was not working, and keep what was doing well.


I introduced things like goals that helped me know what was to be achieved within a specific time. By just looking at whether the goals were achieved or not, it made it easier for me to do assessments on the business. Taking this route helped me to avoid surprises and know exactly what I was standing for.

Embrace technology as much as possible
The world has changed and those who have adapted are reaping the benefits. Technology has taken the world over and the world of business has not been left out. Big businesses have embraced technology in all ways. From websites, blogging, to YouTube videos, marketing has evolved; from using people to walk from one office to the other to using emails, sms lines, and telephone marketing. The good thing with technology is that it lowers production cost by a huge amount. Social media has taken the world over as millions all over can see a post at the same time without you having to travel to wherever they are.

Cloud based customer relationship management tools have been developed to allow businesses to maintain data regarding their clients at an affordable price. There are project management platforms that can assist you run your projects without so much hustle, and you can access these tools from anywhere in the world.

Celebrate milestones and achievements
Small companies are so focused on achieving their goals and growing that they forget to celebrate how far they have come. Their spirit of competition and focus towards achieving their goals is admirable, but sometimes they are too clouded by their goals that they forget to celebrate what they have achieved. A staff party will not do you harm at the end of the year, neither will a team company sports day deny you reaching your target. As a matter of fact, this can serve as a way of appreciating your staff. When staff feel appreciated they tend to be motivated which results in more output and hence more returns to the company.

Keep the best staff
Retaining top staff is as good as retaining clients, the good thing about top staff is that they understand the company’s vision, and have plugged into it fully. Losing them in most cases is equated to losing a part of the company. What keeps people away from small companies is what is expected of them. Small companies tend to, for example hire a staff to run finances, and expect the same to run human resource.

These tips can help you run your small entity just like the large corporate brands. It makes sense to be proud of that small business, and think and act big as you prepare for increased growth. And who knows, your entity could soon be a multi-chain store.