Top Companies That Started In A Garage

A number of people own garages in the homes, but most have been reduced to junk stores. Some use them for storing old cars and old electronics. A number of music bands use garages for their rehearsals as some have reduced them to hang out joints with friends. A number have turned garages into nerd labs where they do their experiments, but few have turned such garages into multibillion dollar businesses. When we look at them right now, and it is easy to say that such a dream is out of reach, but the truth is, you can still make it. You can turn that business you are incubating in your garage into something that will change the world. Below are a few examples.

It’s company that stands out to be among the most marketable companies in the world today. Making computer software and hardware, mobile phones and music players; it is surely a big name. But what makes mouths drop is not the quality of products they make, but the fact that the first computer Apple made was made in a garage in Cupertino, California.

Steve Wozniak created the first Apple computer and later joined forces with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne to start the Apple company. They got their first big order from a company that needed 50 computers, which they produced within 30 days. By then Steve Wozniak had left the company, but Jobs and Wayne remained and made the company a hit. The garage where they started the company belonged to Jobs’ parents and has now been listed among the city’s historic properties.

Hewlett company was started just ten miles away from where Apple was later started. In 1939 Stanford graduates Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard launched HP in a 12-by-18-foot garage in a rental house. The first product they built was an audio oscillator, and Walt Disney was among their first clients who bought eight oscillators to certify their surround system installed for the movie Fantasia.

The great minds used the garage for almost everything from research and design to manufacturing for close to one year before moving to a bigger house that was nearby. In 1947 the company was incorporated, and just ten years after that, it became a public company. The garage is now a museum known as the birthplace of silicon valley.

It took Jeff Bezos four years to pursue what he considered as an untapped online market for the book industry after resigning from being the youngest and most successful president of a Wall Street firm. Jeff Bezos set up a shop in his garage where he began developing the software. Since he could not hold investment meetings in a garage with top investors, most of his meetings were conducted in Barnes & Noble, which was nearby. Here, most of his contracts were sealed. 1995 was a milestone year as he launched Amazon and sold his first book. Right now Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world.

Other companies such as Google and Walt Disney also began in garages and have gone to become great. What are you waiting for?